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maY 25 to june 16, 2018



Dodo et le fantôme d’à côté

Natalie Choquette, Ariane Lagacé, Alexandru Sura

An interactive musical tale with Natalie Choquette, Ariane Lagacé, Alexandru Sura and soloists of the Orchestre Nouvelle Génération. Doublecroche believes that the house next door is haunted. Ever since the new neighbours moved in, she’s been hearing strange noises through the window: lots of “WOOOOOHs!” and “CREAK CREAKs” and “GRRRRs!” and even “BADING BADANGs!” She and her friends decide to go ring the doorbell to find out what’s going on in there!

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Sunday, June 3, 10 a.m.

Multi-purpose centre

81 Hooper St., Saint-Lambert

Duration: 60 min

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Festival Classica Inc.

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