Come see and hear some amazing sound systems in listening rooms set up under tents when the Salon Audio Montréal Audio Fest goes on tour.

Check out major Canadian brands such as ArtistCloner, Bluesound, Bluewave, Bryston, NAD, Ruel Audio, Stable 33.33, Totem Acoustic and XLO, along with American and European brands such as AudioQuest, Grado, HiFiMan, Martin Logan, McIntosh, VTL, Franco Serblin, Naim, Mu-so and Triangle.

Come and chat with prestigious manufacturing specialists or retailers such as Audioville, Audiophiles Experts and Filtronique, and try out headphones, portable players, speakers, amplifiers, streamers, cables, turntables and accessories. A record fair will be held on Saturday.

This event will take place from Friday June 1 to Sunday June 3, 2018 in the heart of downtown Saint-Lambert on Montreal’s South Shore.

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